Dharma Leaders in Training

In May, IMC Charlotte launched its first-ever Dharma Leader Training Program (DLTP). The two-year program’s objective is to expand the pool of Dharma Leaders serving the sangha, helping to ensure the continuity of the teachings available to sangha members over the years and decades to come.

The five participants (pictured from left) are Gray Clark, Mary Powers, Denise Owens, Bob Bushorn, and Larry Dawalt. All are graduates of the sangha’s 2017-2018 year-long Dharma Study and Practice Program.

As DLTP unfolds,  participants will serve in a variety of roles, including assisting with classes, multi-week series, study groups, and retreats as well as leading Wednesday evening instruction periods, and Tuesday lunchtime and Wednesday evening sangha meetings.

We are excited about this step in the growth of IMCC and grateful to the students and teachers for their commitment to the Dhamma as well as our sangha.

Intensive Dharma Study Program

IMCC offered its first one-year Dhamma Study and Practice Program from September 2017 through August 2018.  The program integrated meditation practice with the study of the teachings of the Buddha. The first class of students delved more deeply into the meaning and significance of the Buddha’s teachings and creatively explored the relationship of these teachings to meditation practice and daily life.

The program was led by Dharma Leaders Ward Simmons, Debbie George and Clyde Alexander (front row).  The group met monthly, including four daylong sessions.  The students also worked with partners on the recommended readings and reflections.