“My religion is kindness.”

Dalai Lama

The Insight Meditation Community of Charlotte is a voluntary organization and depends on volunteers to carry out its mission of making the Buddha’s teachings available to all who seek them. In volunteering our time and talents, we extend loving kindness to our sangha, the community and the world. Volunteering is an important way to give dana (Pali for generosity) to the sangha (Pali for community); volunteering nurtures the heart and enriches lives. Contact the Programs committee at Programs@IMCCharlotte.org.

Volunteering also is a way to meet others in the community. Whether you are new to IMCC or a longtime member, we appreciate your help. If you have gained value from our sangha and the programs we offer, please consider sharing your time and energy. In doing so, you take your practice off the cushion and into the community!

Volunteer Opportunities

Program Committee

​​This committee plans and organizes the logistics around classes, day-long teachings, and/or weekend retreats. Activities include communication and transportation assistance for guest speakers, set up and registration / check-in management.

Sangha Set Up

These individuals, led by the IMCC Coordinator, handle the set up and cleanup associated with our meetings on Wednesday nights and act as greeters for people as they arrive. This is a great way to occasionally help support the work of the Sangha. Set up volunteers are critical to the successful functioning of our weekly groups. There is little training required and you can volunteer as often or as little as your schedule allows.

Download Check List for Set Up Here

To help as a greeter:

Greeters are an integral part of our IMCC sangha.

We need your help welcoming meditators on Wednesday evenings.

To volunteer as a greeter sign up HERE

​For more information, please contact programs@imccharlotte.org

Metta Committee

The Metta Committee helps to put lovingkindness practice ‘in action’, by organizing community service activities, KM groups, social meetups and other events to connect members of the Sangha with one another and with the larger Charlotte community.

​​For more information, please contact metta@imccharlotte.org

Communications Committee

The Communications committee oversees outreach and promotion for the activities of the Sangha, including this website, any printed materials and social media. We appreciate volunteers with experience and skills in the following areas:

  • Graphic design
  • Social Media
  • Web management
  • Photography /Photoshop
  • Writing / editing / proofing
  • Audio / video technology

For more information, please contact communications@imccharlotte.org