Board Committees

Programs: This committee schedules guest leaders for Wednesday evenings, plans and organizes guest speakers for weekend events, coordinates the residential retreats and provides Wednesday night volunteer greeters and helpers. Contact at:

Communications: ​​​​​​​ Communications provides support to enable an IMCC presence in the local/regional community and ensure that these communications are offered in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Buddha. Responsibilities include: website design and update, IMCC newsletter, Zoom meetings management, social media posts, community service and pop-up event announcements, media outreach, and IMCC branding management, Contact at:

Metta: The Metta Committee fosters community among members and provides support to members as needed. This committee aspires to keep the sangha connected through social events, and community service events. Contact at:

Finance: The Finance committee is responsible for maintaining our finances which include: monthly payment of bills, reconciling accounts and preparation of financial reports. This committee also prepares a proposed annual operating budget for the Board. Contact at:

Personnel: The Personnel committee reviews and proposes candidates to serve on the Board of Directors, board committees and as Dharma leaders. The committee also reviews potential guest leaders for Wednesday evenings. Contact at: