Support During Trying Times

When we experience difficulty, it is an important time to keep our hearts open, despite the uncertainty we may be experiencing – and remember to turn to our practice both on and off the cushion.

Many Meditation Centers offer their courses online at a tiered pricing, making them affordable for all. This is a good opportunity to have a home retreat with well-respected teachers. Here are some websites to check out:

Spirit Rock

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

There is much support online for those who are coping with anxiety or aloneness, or who may be seeking greater compassion without judgment or fear. Below are a few more links to peruse.

Sounds True

Oren Jay Sofer from Insight Meditation Society – Guided meditations

Krista Tippett On Being Project with Rebecca Solnit – inspirational interviews

Tricycle Magazine

If you have the opportunity to be outdoors, the earth is providing us with such beauty and hope that comes with each season. Just outside your window, the birds are singing and the earth is waiting.

Wishing you deep mindfulness of all the goodness there remains in the world. Stay safe.

With Metta,

IMCC Charlotte leaders and sangha