Elaine Greenberg is a vital IMCC member.  As a volunteer, Elaine helps sustain many of the tethers that unite us as a sangha, a community of people devoted to integrating wisdom and manifesting compassion. Every month with her discerning intellect, grammar geekiness and playful relationship to language, Elaine creates a newsletter that informs us about IMCC goings on – and manages to also help with other public relations efforts. Ahead of the Wednesday night meditations, she is often is in the lobby as a coordinator, greeting regulars and welcoming newcomers with the same warmth that welcomed her many years ago.  Elaine has hosted the sangha at her home for meaningful social gatherings that strengthen our bonds to one another. She brought us together to make dinner for families with loved ones in a local hospital and enthusiastically participates in other sangha community service work.  Elaine is part of two KM (Kalyana Mitta) groups and deepened her knowledge in the yearlong Dhamma Study and Practice Program.  At IMCC, she finds spiritual inspiration, intellectual stimulation and a loving community — all of which which she helps strengthen.