Cynthia Glickman retired from the IMCC Board of Directors at the end of her term on June 30.  Cynthia served on the Board since 2013. As chair of the Program Committee. she was responsible for the programs – guest leaders, guest speakers, movie nights, community service activities – that we have enjoyed over the years.

AND Cynthia was retreat manager for the first 2 residential retreats AND started the volunteer coordinators program AND served on the PR committee for several years.

Cynthia would like to encourage you to get involved: “It takes a tremendous effort to make the sangha operate effectively and to offer the programs we offer. Not only can you provide a service to the community by donating your time and energy, but you also gain a lot and really get to know the other members of the sangha.”  

Her dedication to the sangha has been one of the reasons for our growth over the years.  Say a special thanks to Cynthia next time you see her.